Zeal Meaning in Bengali - Zeal এর বাংলা অর্থ

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Bengali Meaning of Zeal

[যী-ল্/ ziːl]


আগ্রহ বা মহান উদ্দীপনা;



Interest or great enthusiasm;

Derived Form/ Related Form

zealless - adjective

underzeal - noun

zealous - adjective


Enthusiasm; determination; ardor; diligence; devotion; earnestness; eagerness; fervor; fanaticism; inclination; gusto; passion; intensity; sincerity; perseverance; urgency; spirit; warmth; verve; alacrity; zest; dispatch; bustle; enterprise; drive; fire; fierceness; initiative; hustle; keenness; intentness; push; mania; vehemence; readiness; stick-to-itiveness; yen; what-it-takes; ardor; bounce; beans; dash; brio; dynamism; gas; energy; get-up-and-go; hardihood; gusto; life; juice; oomph; moxie; punch; pep; snap; sap; verve; vigor; starch; vitality; zip; zing; relish; exuberance; avidity; spirits; animation; briskness; liveliness; jauntiness; spiritedness; snappiness; sprightliness; spunkiness; spunk; vibrancy; vivacity; vivaciousness;


Coolness; apathy; dullness; disinterest; indifference; inactivity; laziness; insincerity; neglect; lethargy; discouragement; unenthusiasm; disinterestedness; lukewarmness; half-heartedness; indolence; listlessness; torpidity; sluggishness;

Zeal EXAMPLES in Sentences

  • Jim is performing the task with a religious zeal.
  • We should praise him for his zeal.
  • Lucy is doing everything with reforming zeal.
  • Henry has a zeal for acquiring knowledge.
  • The teacher was happy to see the zeal among students for learning new things.
  • Jack had a zeal to complete the task today.
  • The team had a zeal to complete the project within the deadline.
  • I had a zeal to complete the article within tomorrow.
  • The students had a zeal to go for the excursion.
  • Everyone was praising Alex for his zeal to help people.
  • Ericson has a zeal to help the poor.
  • The teacher has a zeal to teach the students thoroughly.
  • The team had a zeal to win the match.
  • We have a zeal to win the game.
  • Aric has a zeal to become rich.
  • We solved every problem with our zeal, skill, and energy.
  • Our team has a zeal to achieve the target.
  • Our zeal, energy and above all the Almighty’s mercy helped us to overcome the problem. 


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