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Bengali Meaning of Contend

[কান্’টেন্ড/ kənˈtend]

verb (no object)

1. বিপক্ষে থেকে লড়াই করা; 2. প্রতিদ্বন্দ্বিতায় প্রাণপণে চেষ্টা করা; প্রতিযোগিতা করা; 3. আন্তরিকভাবে বিবাদ করা; বিতর্কে প্রাণপণে চেষ্টা করা;

verb (with object)

আন্তরিকভাবে রক্ষণাবেক্ষণ বা দাবি করা বা নিশ্চিত করে বলা;


verb (no object)

1. Struggling in opposition; 2. Striving in rivalry; Competing; 3. Disputing earnestly; Striving in debate;

verb (with object)

Maintaining or asserting earnestly;

Derived Form/ Related Form

contender, noun

contendingly, adverb

noncontending, adjective

precontend, verb (used without object)


Fight; compete; confront; argue; assert; allege; affirm; avouch; aver; claim; avow; declare; dispute; cope; grapple; go after; oppose; meet; resist; push for; battle; vie;  contest; clash; emulate; controvert; face; face of; encounter; insist; litigate; maintain; jostle; plead; push; oppugn; skirmish; rival; race; reason; strive; stand; tug; struggle; give all one’s got; withstand; go for; give one’s all; go for it; go for broke; have at; go for jugular; knock oneself out; jockey for position; make play for; lock horns; scramble for; mix it up with; shoot for; shoot at; tangle with; protest; profess; warrant; purport;


Comply; agree; hide; go along; retreat; make peace; yield; surrender; cede; abandon; give in; desert; leave; give up; gainsay; deny;

Contend EXAMPLES in Sentences

  • Two world-class wrestlers are contending for this belt.
  • Two famous colleges are contending in this debate competition.
  • Who else is contending in this competition apart from you?
  • The lawyer is contending that his client was not at the crime spot.
  • Jim contends that Jerry is not guilty.
  • Many celebrities are contending in this reality show.
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