Yeast Meaning in Bengali - Yeast এর বাংলা অর্থ

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Bengali Meaning of Yeast

[ঈ-স্ট/ jiːst]


এক ধরনের ছত্রাক যা মদ জাতীয় পানীয় যেমন: ওয়াইন এবং বিয়ার প্রস্তুত করতে এবং পাউরুটি তৈরীতে ফাঁপানোর জন্য এবং নরম করতে ব্যবহৃত হয়; ঈস্ট;



A kind of fungus which is used to prepare alcoholic drinks like wine and beer and to prepare bread to make it swell and soft;

Derived Form/ Related Form

yeastless - adjective

yeastlike - adjective

yeasty - adjective


Rising agent; ferment; fungus; leavening; encouragement; boost; impetus; goad; incentive; impulse; incitement; incitation; momentum; instigation; provocation; motivation; stimulant; spur; stimulus;


Disincentive; counterincentive;

Yeast EXAMPLES in Sentences

  • I want to buy some yeast for preparing the bread.
  • Do you have yeast in your shop?
  • Did you use yeast to prepare this bread?
  • How much yeast do you require?
  • I used half a teaspoon of yeast to prepare this bread.
  • I could not buy yeast for preparing the bread.
  • Add a little yeast while preparing the dough of the pizza.
  • Your pizza didn’t rise because you did use yeast in it.
  • Your pizza is not soft because you haven’t used yeast in it.
  • Jim used yeast to prepare the pizza but it hasn’t risen.
  • Jim’s pizza hasn’t risen in spite of using yeast because he didn’t keep the dough for an hour before baking it.
  • Don’t use too much yeast while preparing the bread or it will taste yeasty.
  • I didn’t get yeast in that shop.
  • You will get yeast in this shop.
  • Yeast is used to preparing bread to make it soft and swell.
  • Yeast is used to preparing alcoholic drinks like beer to make those foamy.
  • Add a little yeast while preparing the dough, and keep it for a while for the yeast to do its work.
  • Use yeast in the dough as mentioned in the recipe.
  • Too much use of yeast in the dough will make the bread taste yeasty. 


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