Plaudit Meaning in Bengali- Plaudit-এর বাংলা অর্থ

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Bengali Meaning of Plaudit

[প্ল-ডিট্/ plaw-dit]


1. প্রশংসা; 2. একটি অনুমোদনসূচক প্রকাশভঙ্গি; 3. দর্শকদের করতালি;



1. Praise; 2. An expression of approval; 3. Audiences’ applause;


Praise; applause; acclamation; acclaim; ovation; approval; approbation; compliment; cheer; cheering; kudo; kudos; reclame; rave (s); credit; clapping;


Criticism; silence; disapproval; hissing; booing; denunciation; condemnation; disregard; dishonor; ill repute; disrespect; unimportance; criticism; lowliness; blame; defame;

Plaudit EXAMPLES in Sentences

  • Jim has received plaudits for his benevolent works.
  • This performance will surely get a large round of plaudits from the audience.
  • The photographer has earned plaudits for her outstanding photography.
  • The actor has received plaudits for his natural acting.
  • The actor received large rounds of plaudits from the audience for his electrifying performance.
  • The actress deserves plaudits for her excellent performance.
  • The police officer received plaudits for his utmost honesty.
  • The actor always helps the poor without any hesitation and this surely deserves plaudits.
  • Her benevolence has earned her huge plaudits.
  • The graphic designer has gained immense plaudits in a short time for his unique designs.
  • The news channel has received plaudits for their unique and clear presentation of every news.
  • The new channel is receiving plaudits for its excellent programs.
  • The audience welcomed their favorite actor with huge plaudits.
  • The singer’s excellent performance received huge rounds of plaudits.
  • You are well deserving to receive this plaudit.
  • Her hard work and skills earned her huge plaudits.
  • The actor does a lot of charity and earns huge plaudits for it.
  • You will surely receive plaudits for your hard work. 
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