Esteem Meaning in Bengali - Esteem এর বাংলা অর্থ

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Bengali Meaning of Esteem

[আ’স্টী:ম্/ ɪˈstiːm]


শ্রদ্ধা এবং সন্মান;


1. শ্রদ্ধা করা এবং সন্মান করা; 2. গণ্য করা; বিবেচনা করা;



Admiration and respect;


1. Admire and respect; 2. Deem; Consider;

Derived Form/ Related Form

preesteem - verb (used with object)

esteemed - adjective

unesteemed - adjective

well-esteemed - adjective


Admiration; respect; account; favor; appreciation; regard; estimation; think highly of; deem; consider; revere; hold dear; admire; venerate; apprise; appreciate; cherish; idolize; honor; love; like; reverence; prize; value; treasure; be fond of; worship; regard highly; look up to; think the world of;


Condemn; abandon; despise; denounce; dislike; dishonor; disregard; disparage; hate; disrespect; neglect; ignore; scorn; not care; deride; abuse; insult; disbelieve; ridicule; mock; disfavor;

Esteem EXAMPLES in Sentences

  • The politician is held in high esteem for his great achievements.
  • I know that they have high esteem for me.
  • You won’t understand his esteem for me.
  • This work was esteemed to be a very important contribution.
  • She is an esteemed member of the Parliament.
  • He is an esteemed member of the Medical Council.
  • I esteem it to be an opportunity to participate in this program.
  • They esteemed it to be a favor to have me in their team.
  • Lisa is held in high esteem among her colleagues for her outstanding performance.
  • You should esteem it an opportunity to take part in this training.
  • Jim is an esteemed member of the Sports Club.
  • Nobody would understand his esteem for her.
  • The people of that village has different esteem for the doctor.
  • The politician is now in lower esteem because he is involved in various controversies.
  • Do you understand his esteem for you? 


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