Enthusiasm Meaning in Bengali - Enthusiasm এর বাংলা অর্থ

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Bengali Meaning of Enthusiasm

[এন্-থুউ-যিই-এ্যায্-আম্/ en-thoo-zee-az-uhm]


উদ্যম; উৎসাহ; একটি কাজ বা বিষয় যার প্রতি আপনার খুবই আগ্রহ আছে;



Zeal; Interest; A work or subject in which you have so much interest;

Derived Form/ Related Form

antienthusiasm, noun

hyperenthusiasm, noun

overenthusiasm, noun

preenthusiasm, noun


Excitement; keen interest; devotion; ardor; emotion; eagerness; feeling; energy; frenzy; fervor; intensity; fury; joy; interest; spirit; passion; zeal; warmth; avidity; activity; craze; conviction; earnestness; dash; exhalation; ecstasy; fanaticism; fad; fieriness; fever; flame; fire; gaiety; flare; go; glow; hilarity; heat; impetuosity; hobby; keenness; joyfulness; mania; life; nerve; mirth; orgasm; oomph; rapture; pep; snap; relish; vehemence; transport; vim; verve; zest; vivacity; red heat; ardency; élan; zealousness;


Calm; apathy; coolness; calmness; inactivity; disinterest; laziness; indifference; peace; lethargy; dislike; depression; frigidity; dullness; hatred; hate; sadness; lifelessness; aloofness; unhappiness; doubt; coldness; weariness; pessimism;

Enthusiasm EXAMPLES in Sentences

  • Jim is performing the task with religious enthusiasm.
  • Lucy is doing everything with reforming enthusiasm.
  • We should praise him for his enthusiasm.
  • The teacher was happy to see the enthusiasm among students for learning new things.
  • Henry has an enthusiasm for acquiring knowledge.
  • The team had an enthusiasm to complete the project within the deadline.
  • Jack had an enthusiasm to complete the task today.
  • The students had an enthusiasm to go for the excursion.
  • I had an enthusiasm to complete the article within tomorrow.
  • Everyone was praising Alex for his enthusiasm to help people.
  • The teacher has the enthusiasm to teach the students thoroughly.
  • Ericson has an enthusiasm to help the poor.
  • Hunting was one of his enthusiasms.
  • We have an enthusiasm to win the game.
  • The team had an enthusiasm to win the match.
  • We solved every problem with our enthusiasm, skill, and energy.
  • Aric has an enthusiasm to become rich.
  • Our enthusiasm, energy and above all the Almighty’s mercy helped us to overcome the problem.
  • Our team has an enthusiasm to achieve the target.


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