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Bengali Meaning of Eminence

[এম্-এ-নেন্স/ em.ə.nəns]


1. গুরুত্বপূর্ণ, সন্মানিত, বা বিখ্যাত হওয়ার একটি অবস্থা বা উত্থান; 2. একজন প্রভাবশালী, বিশিষ্ট এবং গুরুত্বপূর্ণ ব্যক্তি; 3. শরীরের অঙ্গের একটি অংশ, বিশেষতঃ একটি হাড়, যা বাহিরে বেরিয়ে থাকে; 4. কার্ডিনালদের (রোমান ক্যাথলিক গীর্জার খুব উচ্চ পদমর্যাদার ধর্মজাযকদের) খেতাব বা পদবী বিশেষ; 5. এক খন্ড উচ্চ ভূমি;



1. The state or position of being important, respected, or famous; 2. An influential, distinguished or important person; 3. An organ’s part in the body, specifically, a bone sticking out; 4.  Titles of Cardinals (very high-rank priests in the Roman Catholic Church) 5. A piece of high or rising land;


Fame; importance; high ground; prestige; greatness; renown; prominence; celebrity; authority; dignity; credit; esteem; distinction; honor; glory; influence; illustriousness; loftiness; kudos; note; notability; preeminence; power; rank; prepotency; repute; reputation; standing; significance; weight; superiority; famousness; dominance; distinction; paramountcy; noteworthiness; preponderancy, preponderancy; prepotency; superiority; primacy; transcendence; supremacy;


Dishonor; unimportance; ill repute; disrespect; incapacity; impotence; insignificance; inferiority; subservience; lowliness; weakness; triviality; low ground; flat; lowland;

Eminence EXAMPLES in Sentences

  • The actor’s sudden eminence surprised everyone.
  • The doctor’s hard work and honesty have brought him this eminence.
  • Different eminences of the country are present at the party.
  • We were hiking around the valleys, hills, rocky eminences, and mountains.
  • The medical eminences are sharing their views and opinions in the program.
  • The eminence of the new star is very interesting.
  • This program is arranged for the legal eminences of the country.
  • Almost all of the film eminences are present at the award function.
  • The doctor truly deserves this eminence of his career.
  • The man has built a house in the rocky eminence of the village.
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