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Bengali Meaning of Beyond

[বিয়ন্ ড্/ biˈjɑːnd]


1. বহুদূরে; নাগালের বাহিরে; ছাড়িয়ে; পেরিয়ে; 2. ব্যতীত; 3.  অধিকতর; 4. পরে (সময় সম্বন্ধে);


1. তাছাড়া; 2. দূরে;


1. অজ্ঞাত বস্তু; 2. পরজন্ম;



1. Far away; out of the sphere or reach; In ab amount or degree surpassing; 2. Without; 3. More; 4.  Later (regarding time);


1. Apart from; 2. Away;


1. Unknown thing; 2. Hereafter;

Derived Form/ Related Form

beyondness - noun


Above; ahead; after; as well as; apart from; away from; at a distance; behind; before; beyond the bounds; besides; farther; further; clear of; good way off; free of; in addition to; hyper; long way off; in advance of; moreover; more remote; on the other side; on the far side; out of reach; out of range; over; outside; outside of; over there; over and above; remote; past; without; superior to; yonder; yon; eternity; afterlife; immorality; hereafter.


Inside, within, less, wanting, minus, except, excepting.

Phrase and Idiom

On the far side of

দূরে বা বেশী (away from or over)

The beyond

যা অনেক দূরত্বে আছে (which is at a greater distance)

The great beyond

পরকাল (life after death, the afterlife)

Beyond me

এমন কিছু যা আমার বোধগম্য নয় (something which is not understandable to me)

Beyond someone’s wildest dreams

কল্পনাতীত (more or better than someone’s imagination)

Beyond a joke

এমন কিছু যা আর হাস্যকর নয় এবং এখন একটি গুরুতর বিষয় (something which is not funny anymore and now has become a serious thing)

Beyond a shadow of a doubt

যখন আপনি কোন কিছুর সত্যতা সম্পর্কে নিশ্চিত (when you are sure about something’s authenticity)

Beyond compare

অতুলনীয় (incomparable)

Beyond the grave

মৃত্যুর পর (after death)

Beyond the pale

অগ্রহণযোগ্য (unacceptable)

Beyond the realms of possibility

অসম্ভব (impossible)

Beyond (all) bearing

অসহ্য; সহনাতীত (too much to be endured or suffered)

Beyond controversy

অবিসংবাদীরূপে (unquestionably)

Beyond expectation

আশাতীত (more than what is expected)

Beyond doubt

নিঃসন্দেহে (surely)

Beyond one’s depth

ডুব জলে (in deep water where one can’t touch the bottom)

Beyond measure

অপরিমিতরূপে (exceedingly)

Go beyond

অতিক্রম করা (surpass)

(be) beyond oneself

হতবুদ্ধি হওয়া (perplexed)

The back of beyond

সুদূরপ্রান্ত (a place of extreme remoteness)

Beyond EXAMPLES in Sentences:

  • Look beyond the horizon.
  • The team’s performance was beyond expectations.
  • You cannot work beyond your capacity.
  • The container cannot hold beyond its capacity.
  • True friendship continues beyond time and distance.
  • What they are doing is beyond me.
  • This situation is now beyond a joke.
  • This actor’s performance is beyond compare.
  • The man’s honesty is beyond controversy.
  • The man is beyond doubt honest.
  • Go beyond the road and turn left. There is a shop.
  • I was beyond myself and couldn’t say anything.
  • The situation is now beyond bearing.
  • Will you bring your wealth beyond the grave?
  • This kind of unfair behavior beyond the pale.
  • It is beyond the realms of possibility that he will assist you.
  • It is beyond a shadow of a doubt that tomorrow is Thursday.
  • Don’t expect him to work beyond his capacity.
  • Don’t spend beyond your income.
  • It is beyond her wildest dream that she has met her idol.
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