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Bengali Meaning of Quite

[কোয়াইট/ kwɑɪt]


1. পুরোপুরি; সত্যই; একেবারে; ঠিক; পুরেপুরিভাবে; সমগ্রভাবে; সম্পূর্ণভাবে; বাস্তবিকই। 2. কিছুটা; কমবেশি; বেশ; মোটামুটি।



1. Perfectly; truly; exactly; exact; thoroughly; completely; totally; in fact. 2. to some extent; more or less.


Actually; absolutely; altogether; fully; entirely; perfectly; largely; thoroughly; really; truly; totally; wholly; utterly; all in all; all; all told; in all respects; considerably; in fact; in truth; in reality; positively; just; purely; precisely; without reservation; well.


Doubtfully; incompletely; inadequately; indefinite; partly; partially.

Phrase and Idiom

Quite a

কোন নির্দিষ্ট ব্যক্তি বা জিনিস বিশেষভাবে লক্ষণীয়, প্রশংসনীয়, বা হৃদয়গ্রাহী বোঝাতে ব্যবহৃত হয় (used to denote that a particular person or thing is especially noticeable, praiseworthy, or impressive)

Quite some

একটি লক্ষণীয় পরিমাণের (a noticeable amount of)

Quite a bit (or a lot)

একটি লক্ষণীয় পরিমাণের বা সংখ্যার (a noticeable amount or number of)

Not Quite

সম্পূর্ণ বা পুরোপুরিভাবে না (Not entirely or completely)

Quite Examples In Sentences:

  • Lisa is quite confident.
  • The room is quite large.
  • The place is quite beautiful.
  • The candidate is quite deserving.
  • Alice is quite sure about this.
  • Aric is quite disturbed.
  • The day is quite gloomy.
  • This is quite a loss.
  • Your job includes quite a lot of adventures.
  • Richard is not quite sure.
  • Andrew is quite tired.
  • The students are quite hungry now after such a hectic schedule.
  • This place is quite crowded.
  • Ann is not quite happy.
  • Are you quite sure about it?
  • Isn’t she quite intelligent?
  • The building is quite large.
  • The building is quite old.
  • The lady is quite talkative.
  • The man is quite old.
  • The project was quite large.
  • This project is quite successful.
  • The team is quite experienced.
  • The team is quite friendly.
  • The students were quite happy.
  • David was not there for quite some time.
  • Tom was quite angry.
  • The program was quite enjoyable.
  • The movie was quite amazing.
  • The institute is quite large.


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