Ardor Meaning in Bengali - Ardor এর বাংলা অর্থ

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Bengali Meaning of Ardor

[আর্-ডার্/ ˈɑr·dər]


মহান উদ্যম বা উৎসাহ; তীব্র আবেগ;



Great excitement or enthusiasm; Strong emotion;


Enthusiasm; earnestness; eagerness; intensity; fervor; warmth; passion; avidity; zeal; feeling; devotion; fire; fierceness; heat; gusto; keenness; jazz; spirit; oomph; verve; vehemence; zest; weakness; pep talk; zing; turn on;


Indifference; apathy; dullness; lethargy; coolness; coldness; frigidity;

Ardor EXAMPLES in Sentences

  • Brian is performing everything with religious ardor.
  • Lucy is doing the job with reforming ardor.
  • Alice has an ardor for acquiring knowledge.
  • We should praise him for his ardor.
  • The teacher was happy to see the ardor among students for learning new things.
  • John had an ardor to complete the task today.
  • The team had an ardor to complete the project within the deadline.
  • I have an ardor to complete the article within tomorrow.
  • The students had an ardor to go for the excursion.
  • Everyone praised Jim for his ardor to help the poor.
  • The teacher has the ardor to teach the students thoroughly.
  • I must praise his ardor for music.
  • Anderson has an ardor to help the poor.
  • We have an ardor to win the game.
  • The team had an ardor to win the match.
  • Alex has an ardor to become rich.
  • We solved every problem with our ardor, skill, and energy.
  • Our team has an ardor to achieve the target.
  • Our energy, ardor, skill, and above all almighty’s mercy helped us to overcome the problem.
  • The man has the same ardor for his work as it was 20 years ago. 


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