Altercation Meaning in Bengali - Altercation এর বাংলা অর্থ

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Bengali Meaning of Altercation

[অল্-টার্-কেই-শান্/ awl-ter-key-shuhn] 


একটি রাগান্বীত বা তপ্ত বা প্রবল বিবাদ; বিতর্ক বা গোলোযোগপূর্ণ ঝগড়া বা কলহ;



An angry or a heated or loud dispute; Controversy or noisy argument;


Bickering; argument; brawl; blowup; fracas; flap; run-in; quarrel; wrangle; tiff; brush; beef; contest; combat; dispute; controversy; fuss; embroilment; hassle; go; rumble; row; words; set-to; squabbling; bone of contention; argy-bargy (mainly British); argle-bargle (mainly British); contretemps; battle royal; disagreement; cross fire; falling-out; donnybrook; imbroglio; fight; misunderstanding; kickup; scrap; rhubarb; spat;


Calm; agreement; peace; harmony; quiet; accord; union; concord; unity;

Altercation EXAMPLES in Sentences

  • Alice had an altercation with her friend.
  • Why are you engaging yourself in an altercation?
  • You should not engage yourself in an altercation.
  • The serious public altercation scared her.
  • The two families get involved in a serious altercation last night.
  • Do you know the reason behind this public altercation?
  • Everyone got annoyed with their repeated altercations.
  • Despite the occurrence of the serious altercation between them yesterday, they started talking to each other today.
  • You should avoid this kind of altercation.
  • Jim is such a gentleman that he always stays away from any kind of altercation.
  • John is so aggressive that he always gets himself involved in altercations.
  • Don’t believe in those TV altercations.
  • These kinds of altercations are common in any reality show on TV.
  • Nobody imagined that this would become such a serious altercation.
  • Almost everybody was trying to resolve the altercation which took place between the two friends, while some were trying to make it worse.
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