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Bengali Meaning of Yesterday

[ইয়েস্-টার্-ডেই/ ˈjes.tɚ.deɪ]


1. গতদিনে; গতকালে; আজকের আগের দিনে; 2. অব্যবহিত অতীতে;


1. গতদিন; গতকাল; আজকের আগের দিন; অব্যবহিত অতীত;


গতকাল বা গতদিন বা অব্যবহিত অতীত সম্পর্কিত অথবা গতকালের বা গতদিনের বা অব্যবহিত অতীতের;



1. On the day preceding today; 2. In the immediate past;


1. The day preceding today; 2. Immediate past;


Pertaining or belonging to the day preceding today or to the immediate past;

Derived Form/ Related Form

yesterdayness - noun


Past; bygone; the day before today; foretime; last day; not long ago; lang syne; the other day; recently; history; auld lang syne; yesteryear; yore;


Tomorrow; future; by-and-by; futurity; offing; hereafter; now; moment; today; present;

Phrase and Idiom

Yesterday’s news

একটি জিনিস বা ব্যক্তি যার প্রতি আর আগ্রহ নেই (A thing or person which is no longer of interest)

Yesterday morning or afternoon etc.

গতকালের সকালে বা বিকেলে, প্রভৃতি (In yesterday’s morning or afternoon, etc.)

Yesterday’s man

একজন ব্যক্তি, বিশেষতঃ একজন রাজনীতিবিদ, যার রাজনৈতিক জীবনের খ্যাতি শেষ (A person, specifically a politician, whose career is past or finished its peak)

Yesterday EXAMPLES in Sentences

  • I finished the task yesterday.
  • I met her at the shop yesterday.
  • This topic is now yesterday’s news.
  • I saw her jogging yesterday morning.
  • I met her at the coffee shop yesterday afternoon.
  • This is yesterday’s newspaper.
  • Where have you kept yesterday’s newspaper?
  • Jane was preparing a cake yesterday.
  • Alice prepared the pudding yesterday.
  • Jim prepared the design yesterday.
  • Tom called me yesterday.
  • Did you remind him about it yesterday?
  • Fred couldn’t attend the meeting yesterday.
  • Anderson is yesterday’s man now.
  • It’s no use of talking about yesterday’s faults now.
  • Jerry finished knitting the sweater yesterday.
  • I did not meet him at the party yesterday.
  • I published the article yesterday.
  • Jeff was walking in the park yesterday evening.


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