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Bengali Meaning of Quotes

[কুয়োটস্/ kwohts]


1. উদ্ধৃতাংশ বা রচনাংশসমূহ যা পুনরাবৃত্তি বা প্রদান বা উল্লেখ করা হয় উদাহরণ হিসেবে; 2. উদ্ধরণ চিহ্ন; উদ্ধারচিহ্ন; 3. উদ্ধৃতিসমূহ;


Quote-এর Present tense, third-person singular number 1. একটি উদাহরণ হিসেবে দেয়া; 2. সংক্ষেপে বলা বা উল্লেখ করা কিন্তু নির্দিষ্ট করে; 3. কারোর পরে বলা;



1. Passages repeated or offered or referred to as examples; 2. Quotation marks; 3. Quotations;


Quote’s Present tense, third-person singular number 1. Giving as an example; 2. Speaking about briefly or making reference to but definitely; 3. Saying after another;

Derived Form/ Related Form

quoter - noun

outquote - verb (used with object), outquoted, outquoting.

prequote - verb (used with object), prequoted, prequoting.

requote - verb (used with object), requoted, requoting.


Citing; citation; excerpt; cutting; passage; extract; recitation; quote; saying; reference; selection; financial estimate; citations; quotations; references; extracts; excerpts; parts; lines; snippets; sections; allusions; mentions; instances; cites; adduces; notes; specifies; refers; repeats; echoes;

Phrase and Idiom

Quote unquote

তথাকথিত, যেন; (so-called; as it were)

Quotes EXAMPLES in Sentences

  • Jim quotes renowned persons while talking.
  • Please quote an instance of his patience.
  • Jeff quoted Abraham Lincoln’s views at this point.
  • Please don’t quote this to anybody.
  • Please use quotes in this sentence.
  • Alex gifted her a book of quotes.
  • The CEO has asked for the price quotes.
  • The price quotes are incorrect.
  • Please correct the price quotes.
  • While talking he mentioned quotes from Tagore.
  • Do you know whose quotes these are?
  • The writer used different quotes from renowned personalities.
  • Do you know what the price quotes are?
  • Please prepare the price quotes.
  • I don’t know whose quotes these are.
  • These quotes are not appropriate in this context.
  • This is a book of useful quotes.
  • You can use the necessary quotes from here in your writing.
  • I have not received the price quotes yet.


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