Quilt Meaning in Bengali - Quilt এর বাংলা অর্থ

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Bengali Meaning of Quilt

[কুয়িল্ট্/ kwilt]


কাঁথা, লেপ, তোশক, প্রভৃতি;


ফোম বা তুলা দিয়ে সেলাই করা; লেপ বা তোশক সেলাই করা;

adjective (quilted)

ফোম বা তুলা দিয়ে সেলাই করা;



a thick coverlet;


Stitching together with warm or soft substance between;

adjective (quilted)

Stitched together with warm or soft substance between;

Derived Form/ Related Form

quilter, noun


Blanket; bedspread; counterpane; comforter; coverlet; cover; duvet; down; pad; eiderdown; pouf; patchwork; batt; puff;

Quilt EXAMPLES in Sentences:

  • The shop has a wide range of beautiful quilts.
  • I liked the quilt so much that I bought it.
  • May I bring a quilt for you?
  • Jane has quilted the coverlet so nicely.
  • They are quilting different kinds of coverlets.
  • She is not going to take the trouble of quilting these bedspreads.
  • I saw various kinds of decorative quilts at the fair.
  • Keep the quilt with you while sleeping, it’s a bit cold today.
  • The coverlet is quilted so well.
  • The coat is well quilted.
  • All the coverlets are well quilted.
  • Can you quilt a coverlet for me?
  • Have you quilted this coverlet?
  • I am looking for a beautiful decorative quilt.
  • Have you seen the quilt which I bought yesterday?
  • I don’t like this quilt.
  • Are you thinking of quilting this blanket?
  • Jenny gifted her a decorative quilt.
  • I liked the uncommon color of the quilt.
  • This quilt has a unique design.
  • They are quilting decorative coverlets and selling them.
  • I don’t have that time to quilt a coverlet.
  • As winter is coming, she is spending most of her time quilting blankets.
  • I must praise your patience that you have quilted these coverlets all by yourself.
  • Hats off to your patience, that you have quilted all these decorative coverlets.
  • They have a business of decorative quilts.
  • They are exporting decorative quilts apart from selling to local customers.
  • I like the unique design and uncommon color of this quilt.
  • This coat has well-quilted shoulders.
  • Jim is looking for a well-quilted jacket.


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