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Bengali Meaning of Quarrel

[কোওর’ল্/ কুয়োরল্/ ˈkwɔːr.əl]


1. কলহ; ঝগড়া; দ্বন্দ্ব; বিবাদ; 2. বন্ধুবিচ্ছেদ; 3. সামান্য যুদ্ধ;


1. কলহ করা; ঝগড়া করা; দ্বন্দ্ব করা; বিবাদ করা; 2. অভিযোগ করা; মতবিরোধ করা; ত্রুটি খোঁজা;



1. An angry altercation or dispute; 2. End of friendship; 3. A petty fight;


1. Disputing angrily; 2. Making a complaint; disagreeing; finding faults;

Derived Form/ Related Form

quarreler, noun

quarrelingly, adverb

unquarreling, adjective

quarrelsome, adjective


Disagree; disagreement; argument; altercation; brawl; bickering; difference; controversy; discord; difference of opinion; dissension; dispute; falling-out; disturbance; fracas; feud; row; misunderstanding; run-in; ruckus; squabble; spat; struggle; strife; tumult; tiff; wrangle; vendetta; beef; affray; broil; breach; commotion; combat; contention; complaint; disapproval; difficulty; dissidence; disputation; fight; dust; fray; fisticuffs; hassle; fuss; rhubarb; objection; set-to; scrap; brannigan; battle royal; catfight;


Agreement; accord; concord; calm; harmony; concurrence; peace; order; approval; quiet; praise; calmness; tranquility; sanction;

Phrase and Idiom

Pick a quarrel

কারোর সাথে তর্ক বা ঝগড়া করার একটি সুযোগ খোঁজা (seeking an opportunity to argue or quarrel with someone)

Quarrel with something

আপনি যদি যুক্তিসমূহ বা বিষয়সমূহ নিয়ে তর্ক করেন, তবে আপনি সেগুলোকে সত্য বলে স্বীকার করেন না (if you quarrel with judgments or facts, you don’t admit them as true)

Quarrel EXAMPLES in Sentences

  • The students had a serious quarrel in the classroom.
  • Why are you quarreling on this petty matter?
  • Why do you quarrel on every matter?
  • I don’t like quarreling with anyone.
  • A terrible quarrel was going on at the road.
  • It is bad to quarrel on every matter.
  • I saw my neighbors quarreling with one another.
  • Jack has a bad habit of picking a quarrel.
  • Why are you quarreling with these rules and regulations?
  • A serious quarrel took place on this simple matter.
  • I always try to avoid quarrels.
  • Please don’t get involved in this quarrel.
  • Please stop quarreling on this little matter. 


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