Quail Meaning in Bengali - Quail এর বাংলা অর্থ

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Bengali Meaning of Quail

[কুয়েইল্/ kweɪl]


একটি ছোটো লেজবিশিষ্ট খয়েরী, ছোটো পাখি, যা মাঝেমাঝে খাবার হিসেবে খাওয়া হয় বা খেলা হিসেবে বা এর মাংসের জন্য শিকার করা হয়;


ভীতি প্রদর্শন করা বা ভীত হওয়া;



A brown, small bird with a short tail, which is often eaten as a food or hunted as a sport or for its flesh;


Showing or feeling fear;

Derived Form/ Related Form

quail-like - adjective

unquailing - adjective

unquailingly - adverb


Blench; blanch; droop; cringe; falter; faint; quake; flinch; shake; recoil; start; shudder; wince; tremble; have cold feet; be like a rabbit/deer caught in the headlights (idiom); afraid; scared; bottle out; bottle; fear for somebody/something; horror-struck; fearfully; intimidated; in terror of your life (idiom), panic-stricken; panic; pants; panicky; terrified; quake; terror-stricken; terror; worst; unconfident;


Face; meet; calm; steady;

Quail EXAMPLES in Sentences

  • They have two quails as pets at their home.
  • They eat quails’ eggs.
  • Alice cooked a curry with quails’ eggs.
  • Have you ever eaten quails’ eggs?
  • Have you ever eaten quails’ meet?
  • I have never eaten quails’ eggs.
  • I have never eaten quails’ meet.
  • Ann was quailing in fear.
  • Jeff quailed at the sudden noise.
  • Aric was trying to quail Ann with his scary talks.
  • Alice quailed at her father’s angry voice.
  • Elizabeth quailed before her boss’s anger.
  • Why are you quailing her?
  • Why are you quelling at this sound?
  • Don’t quail before anyone if you are right.
  • Why did you quail before her?
  • There is no need to quail before her.
  • Jim is very fond of quails’ eggs.
  • Tom hunted four quails.
  • John is very fond of quails’ meet.
  • We saw various birds there such as sparrow, kite, quail, pigeon, snipe, and so on.
  • Terry quailed before her mother’s anger.
  • Why are you quailing in fear?
  • Nelly quailed but still waited in the dark of night.


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