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Bengali Meaning of Professional

[প্রো-ফেশ্-আ-নাল্/ prəˈfeʃ.ən.əl


1. একটি পেশার অন্তর্গত বা পেশার সাথে সম্পর্কিত; 2. অপেশাদার হিসেবে নয় বরং অর্থ প্রদানকারী প্রধান পেশা হিসেবে একটি নির্দিষ্ট কাজে নিয়োজিত থাকা;


একটি পেশায় যোগ্য বা নিয়োজিত একজন ব্যক্তি;



1. Belonging or relating to a profession; 2. Engaged in a particular activity as one’s chief paid job rather than as an unprofessional or amateur;


A person qualified or engaged in a profession;

Derived Form/ Related Form

professionally - adverb

interprofessional - adjective

interprofessionally - adverb

pseudoprofessional - adjective


Trained; skilled; efficient; competent; licensed; experienced; skillful; qualified; adept; ace; expert; crackerjack; slick; sharp; able; there; finished; acknowledged; known; knowing one’s staff; on  the ball; learned; practiced; polished; up to speed; proficient; well-qualified;


Ignorant; green; incompetent; incapable; inexperienced; inefficient; unskilled; unable; clumsy; untalented; stupid; inept; amateur; unintelligent; unprofessional; rookie; untrained;

Professional EXAMPLES in Sentences

  • Richard is a professional singer.
  • Are you a professional singer?
  • Roger is a professional dancer.
  • You should act like a professional.
  • Aric’s behavior was not professional.
  • This is a fair of different professionals like doctors, engineers, lawyers, and the like.
  • Different professionals are participating in this talk show.
  • This fair is organized by IT professionals.
  • What you are doing is not a professional attitude.
  • Healthcare professionals are arranging a fair.
  • Are you a professional dancer?
  • Are you a professional graphic designer?
  • Are you a professional fashion designer?
  • Where did you start your professional career?
  • I am not a professional singer, it’s just a hobby.
  • The singer is very professional.
  • You should learn professional behavior from him.
  • What are you thinking about your professional career?
  • Jim is not a professional actor; he is acting now just as a hobby.
  • Your short temper will affect your professional career as well as your personal life.
  • Professional athletes are organizing this charitable auction.
  • Your cousin is a professional cricketer.


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