Myth Meaning in Bengali - Myth এর বাংলা অর্থ

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Bengali Meaning of Myth

[মিথ্/ mith]


1. অতিকথা; শ্রুতি; গূঢ় অর্থপূর্ণ কাহিনী; পুরাকথা; পৌরাণিক কথা; সাধারণতঃ অতিপ্রাকৃত জিনিস নিয়ে কাহিনী; 2. একটি বহুল প্রচলিত কিন্তু মিথ্যা ধারণা বা বিশ্বাস;



1. Exaggerated talks; audition; tales with deep meaning; mythological tales; generally, tales involving supernatural things; 2. A widely believed but false idea or belief;

Derived Form/ Related Form

countermyth - noun


Ancient tales, fictitious story; fantasy; fable; illusion; fiction; legend; imagination; parable; lore; tale; superstition; allegory; tradition; creation; apologue; fabrication; delusion; figment; fancy; saga; invention; fair story; saga; folk tale; folk ballad; tall story; mythos;


Non-fiction; fact; truth; reality; certainty;

Myth EXAMPLES in Sentences

  • The drama is based on a Roman myth.
  • The movie is an adaptation of a Greek myth.
  • I don’t believe in this myth.
  • Do you think that children will enjoy the stories about Roman and Greek myth’s god and goddesses?
  • Are you trying to prove this myth wrong?
  • I don’t think that this person has any existence; he is only a myth.
  • This is nothing but a myth that women are worse drivers than men.
  • People are enjoying the movie based on a Greek myth.
  • Don’t believe in such myths, apply your intelligence.
  • Jack was telling different myths about the haunted house to scare us.
  • Don’t get scared listening to these myths.
  • Lisa is very brave; so you can’t scare her with these myths.
  • I thought people hardly had any interest in Roman and Greek myths but I was wrong.
  • I am surprised that the movie based on a Greek myth has done such a huge business.
  • Please stop saying these myths, give some facts and statistics.
  • Are you trying to scare us by telling these myths?
  • Your myths won’t work here; try somewhere else.
  • Ann was scared after listening to those myths about the haunted house.


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