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Bengali Meaning of Metaphor

[মেট্-আ-ফোর্/ met̬·əˌfɔr]


1. রূপকালঙ্কার; 2. রূপক উপমা;



1. An implied comparison where a phrase or term is applied to something to which it is not exactly applicable; 2. Something applied to depict something else; symbol; emblem;

Derived Form/ Related Form

metaphorical [met-uh-fawr-i-kuh l, -for] , metaphoric - adjective

metaphorically - adverb

metaphoricalness - noun

hypermetaphoric - adjective

hypermetaphorical - adjective

nonmetaphoric - adjective

nonmetaphorical - adjective

nonmetaphorically - adverb

semimetaphoric - adjective

semimetaphorical - adjective

semimetaphorically - adverb

submetaphoric - adjective

submetaphorical - adjective

submetaphorically - adverb


Image; analogy; implied comparison; figure of speech; allegory; symbol; hope; emblem; personification; metonymy; trope; similitude; allusion; anthropomorphic; anthropomorphize; fig; figurative; ironic; idiom; metonymic; metonymy; mix; pathetic fallacy; speak; so to speak (idiom);


Plain speech;

Phrase and Idiom

A metaphor for something

একটি প্রতীক যা একটি নির্দিষ্ট জিনিসকে উপস্থাপন করে (A symbol which represents a specific thing)

Mix your metaphors

দুই বা ততোধিক রূপক উপমার সংমিশ্রণ, কখনও কখনও একটি হাস্যকর বা অর্থহীন প্রভাব সৃষ্টি করে (Combining two or more metaphors, often creating a humorous or silly effect)

Metaphor EXAMPLES in Sentences

  • Don’t use too many metaphors in your writing.
  • Using too many metaphors has made your writing ambiguous.
  • “A heart of gold” is a metaphor.
  • “Heart is a mirror” is a metaphor.
  • The character of the villain in the movie is a metaphor for a dictator government.
  • Your story depends on metaphors and suggestions.
  • You have mixed your metaphors.
  • The pigeon in the movie is a metaphor for a messenger of love.
  • “Mind is a sky” is a metaphor.
  • “Mind is a bird” is a metaphor.
  • The writer has used this character as a metaphor for progressive people seeking freedom.
  • Aric couldn’t understand the metaphors used in the movie.
  • Your story looks funny because you have mixed your metaphors.
  • A metaphor represents an implied comparison.
  • The huge amount of money the company has made serves as a metaphor for its success.


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