Justify Meaning in Bengali - Justify এর বাংলা অর্থ

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Bengali Meaning of Justify

[জাস্-টে-ফাই/ dʒʌs·təˌfɑɪ/


1. কোনোকিছুর সত্যতা, সঠিকতা, বা যুক্তি-সঙ্গতা প্রমাণ করা বা দেখানো; 2. (মুদ্রণ বা টাইপিং) মার্জিনের মধ্যে লেখাগুলোকে সমানভাবে বন্টন করা;



1. Proving or showing something’s authenticity, accuracy, or reasonability; 2. (Printing or typing) Distributing texts evenly between margins;

Derived Form/ Related Form

justifier - noun

justifyingly - adverb

half-justified - adjective

prejustify - verb (used with object), prejustified, prejustifying.


Substantiate; legitimize; condone; advocate; countenance; confirm; explain; defend; maintain; favor; support; rationalize; uphold; sustain; vindicate; validate; absolve; warrant; alibi; acquit; assert; approve; claim; brief; contend; clear; establish; crawl; excuse; exculpate; legalize; exonerate; pardon; palliate; rebut; plead; verify; square; apologize for; answer for; be answerable for; argue for; cop a plea; bear out; make allowances; do justice to; show cause; make good; stand up for; speak in favor;


Condemn; attack; deny; contradict; disapprove; desert; oppose; neglect; reject; refuse; accuse; veto; charge; blame; damn; convict; disprove; disagree; invalidate; incriminate; sentence; punish;

Justify EXAMPLES in Sentences

  • Can you justify your action?
  • It was not justified to misbehave with everyone in the program.
  • Aric was trying hard to justify his behavior.
  • You need to justify your texts while typing to make it look more organized and clear.
  • You must justify this huge expenditure.
  • The lawyer succeeded to justify the innocence of his client.
  • Don’t try to justify your misbehavior.
  • Don’t try to justify your mistake.
  • Don’t try to justify your misdeeds.
  • The accounts manager justified the huge expenditure properly.
  • The problem is serious enough to justify taking an immediate measure.
  • Are you trying to justify your misbehavior?
  • Are you trying to justify your mistake?
  • Are you trying to justify your misdeeds?
  • Jim’s anger was justified after what you had done.
  • Nothing can justify your misbehavior.
  • Please justify your texts.
  • Can you justify this huge expenditure?
  • The lawyer is trying hard to justify the authenticity of this matter.


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