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Bengali Meaning of Jealous

[জে-লাস্/ ˈdʒel·əs]


ঈর্ষাপরায়ণ বা ঈর্ষাকাতর কারণ 1. আপনি চান অন্য কারও সাফল্য,সুবিধা বা গুণগুলো যদি আপনার থাকতো; 2. আপনি ভয় পান যে যাকে আপনি ভালোবাসেন তাকে অন্য কেউ ভালোবাসে বা সে অন্য কাউকে ভালোবাসে; 3. আপনি কোনোকিছু বা কাউকে রক্ষা করার জন্য খুব সতর্ক;



Showing or feeling an envious resentment because of 1. You wish if you had someone else’s success, advantage, or qualities; 2. You fear that whom you love is loved by someone else or loves someone else; 3. You are very careful about protecting something or someone else;

Derived Form/ Related Form

jealously - adverb

jealousness - noun

over jealous - adjective

over jealously - adverb


Anxious; wary; desirous; attentive; apprehensive; intolerant; envious; protective; possessive; skeptical; resentful; begrudging; suspicious; demanding; covetous; emulous; doubting; grabby; envying; green-eyed; grasping; guarded; grudging; jaundiced; invidious; monopolizing; mistrustful; questioning; possessory; solicitous; rival; watchful; vigilant; zealous;


Content; calm; unworried; undoubting; satisfied; confident; unresentful; trusting;

Jealous EXAMPLES in Sentences

  • Why are you so jealous?
  • Aric is jealous of Jim’s success.
  • You are truly a jealous boyfriend.
  • They were always jealous of me.
  • I don’t know why they were so jealous of me.
  • Lisa’s boyfriend gets jealous whenever a guy stares at her.
  • Linda gets jealous whenever her boyfriend looks at any other girl.
  • Please don’t be so jealous?
  • His brothers were very jealous of his success.
  • My dad kept a jealous watch over me.
  • Your husband is so jealous that he won’t let you sing with him.
  • He is a bit jealous but loves you a lot.
  • The neighbors were jealous of each other.
  • Don’t get annoyed because of your jealous neighbors.
  • Let them be jealous and just do your work.
  • Jeff was annoyed with his jealous colleagues.
  • Alice was annoyed with her jealous neighbors.
  • Parents almost always keep a jealous watch over their children.


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