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Bengali Meaning of Jargon

[জার্-গেন্/ dʒɑr·ɡən]


1. একটি নির্দিষ্ট পেশা, বিষয়, বা সংস্কৃতির সাথে সম্পর্কিত বিশেষজ্ঞ ভাষা; 2. দাম্ভিক শব্দ সম্ভার, বাক্য গঠণ বা অর্থ সম্পন্ন ভাষা; 3. অপভাষা, অর্থহীন বাক্য;


1. জার্-গেনে কথা বলা বা জার্-গেন্ ব্যবহার করা; 2. একটি ছোটো পাখির মতো তীখ্ন, ছোটো শব্দ বা আওয়াজ করা;



1. Specialized language related to a specific profession, subject, or culture; 2. Language with pretentious vocabulary, syntax or meaning; 3. Gibberish;


1. Speaking in or using jargon; 2. Making a sharp and short sound like a little bird;

Derived Form/ Related Form

jargonyjargonistic - adjective

jargonistjargoneer - noun


Dialect; specialized language; idiom; argot; parlance; lingo; slang; patois; vocabulary; vernacular; balderdash; abracadabra; bombast; banality; buzzwords; bunk; colloquialism; cant; drivel; doublespeak; gibberish; fustian; lexicon; insipidity; newspeak; neologism; palaver; nonsense; rigmarole; patter; speech; twaddle; tongue; cliché; usage; hackneyed term; commonplace term; overused term; mumbo jumbo; stale language; shoptalk; trite language; street talk;


Quiet; standard; silence; sense;

Jargon EXAMPLES in Sentences

  • Please don’t use jargon in your writing.
  • Why have you used so many jargons in your article?
  • This article contains a lot of medical jargon.
  • These are technical jargon which common people won’t understand.
  • This is a law magazine containing legal jargon.
  • Do you understand this computer jargon?
  • The soldiers were using military jargon.
  • I heard the birds jargoning in the balcony.
  • The doctors were jargoning which I could not understand.
  • The engineers were jargoning which Tom could not understand.
  • The lawyers were jargoning among themselves.
  • The IT people were jargoning among themselves.
  • I woke up with the jargoning of the birds.
  • The engineer used a lot of technical jargon in this article.
  • Please replace these jargons with understandable terms because this article is for common people.
  • Please stop jargoning and speak in an easy language.
  • Why are you jargoning? Please speak in a simple language.


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