Jaggery Meaning in Bengali - Jaggery এর বাংলা অর্থ

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Bengali Meaning of Jaggery

[জ্যাগ্-আ-রী/ jag-uh-ree]


এক ধরনের গাঢ় কঠিন চিনি বা গুড় যা ভারতীয় উপমহাদেশে আখ থেকে বা তাল গাছের বা খেজুর গাছের রস থেকে তৈরী হয়;



A kind of dark solid sugar which is prepared in the Indian subcontinent from sugarcane or the sap of palm trees or date trees.


Aspartame; agave nectar; brown sugar; black treacle; dextrose; caster sugar; glucose; fructose; icing sugar; golden syrup; molasses; maple syrup; NutraSweet; nonpareil; sugary; powdered sugar; sweetener; superfine sugar; treacle; syrupy;

Jaggery EXAMPLES in Sentences

  • Jaggery is an ingredient of this sauce.
  • We used jaggery to prepare this cake.
  • Add more jaggery to the pickle to make it sweet.
  • The tea is prepared with jaggery instead of white sugar.
  • Please bring some jaggery from the shop.
  • Did you use jaggery in this sweet?
  • Is this jaggery prepared from sugarcane?
  • Is this jaggery prepared from the sap of the palm tree?
  • Is this jaggery prepared from the sap of date tree?
  • You need jaggery to prepare this sweet.
  • Add all spices and jaggery to the sauce.
  • Do you prefer sugar or jaggery in your tea?
  • This is a special tea prepared with cream and jaggery.
  • This jaggery is too hard.
  • Have you bought jaggery from the shop?
  • How many types of jaggery do you have in this shop?
  • I want the jaggery prepared from sugarcane.
  • I want the jaggery prepared from the sap of the palm tree.
  • I want the jaggery prepared from the sap of date tree.
  • The cake will become tastier if you use jaggery instead of sugar in it.
  • Don’t use more jaggery please, the pickle is already very sweet.
  • The quality of this jaggery is not good.
  • From where did you buy this jaggery?
  • How much jaggery do you need?
  • Aric won’t have tea with jaggery; he will have it with sugar.


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