Integrity Meaning in Bengali - Integrity এর বাংলা অর্থ

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Bengali Meaning of Integrity

[ইন্ টেগ্ রি টি/ ɪnˈteɡ.rə.ti]


1. সাধুতা; ন্যায়পরায়ণতা; সততা; চারিত্রিক শুদ্ধতা; 2. পূর্ণতা; অখন্ডতা ;



1. Justness; honesty; purity of character; 2. Entirety; completeness.


Honesty; probity; principle; purity; sincerity; rectitude; virtue; forthrightness; candor; honestness; goodness; incorruptibility; incorruption; honorableness; straightforwardness; righteousness, uprightness; honor.


Deceit, dishonesty, corruption, disgrace, dishonor, incompleteness, evil, badness, evildoing, iniquity, immorality, villainy, sin, wickedness.

Integrity EXAMPLES in Sentences:

  • The man is so much popular because of his absolute integrity.
  • Jane is trying hard to preserve her artistic integrity and refused so many lucrative films offers.
  • Undoubtedly, he is a man of integrity.
  • Never lose your integrity.
  • Nowadays integrity is a rare quality among human beings.
  • Please check the integrity of this information.
  • The change of the ending of this play will ruin its integrity.
  • Please don’t do anything which will ruin your integrity.
  • This extension of the building will affect its architectural integrity.
  • Are you questioning his integrity?
  • The man’s integrity is beyond any question.
  • The journalist was immensely praised because of his utmost integrity.
  • Are you doing it at the cost of your integrity?
  • Your integrity will help you to become a superior human being.
  • The team is checking the integrity of these data.
  • Are you sure about the integrity of this information?
  • Never question his integrity.
  • Never do anything at the cost of your integrity.
  • Any change in the script will ruin the integrity of the movie.
  • Your integrity will stop you from doing injustice.
  • Everyone loves him because of his utmost integrity.
  • Don’t ruin the integrity of this writing by making these changes.
  • The comments of the boss were questions on the employees’ integrity.
  • Omitting this information will affect the integrity of this report.
  • You should have checked the integrity of these data before submitting it.


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