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Bengali Meaning of Determined

[ডি-টার্-মিন্ড/ dɪˈtɜr·mənd]


দৃঢ় প্রতিজ্ঞ; একটি নির্দিষ্ট কর্ম পরিকল্পনা অনুসরণের জন্য দৃঢ় আকাঙ্খা প্রকাশ করা যদিও বা তা কঠিন হয়;



Strong-willed; expressing the strong desire for following a specific plan of action even if it is tough;

Derived Form/ Related Form

determinedly [dih-tur-mind-lee, -muh-nid-lee] - adverb

determinedness - noun

post determined - adjective

undetermined - adjective


Persistent; driven; dogged; decisive; resolute; purposeful; serious; resolved; steadfast; single-minded; stubborn; strong-willed; bent; tenacious; firm; decided; obstinate; fixed; persevering; pat; settled; set; buckled down; bent on; earnest; constant; hardboiled; hard-as-nails; mean business; intent; set on; on ice; strong-minded; solid; unflinching; unfaltering; unwavering; unhesitating;


Undetermined; irresolute; yielding; weak; flexible; changeable; soft; indefinite; unfixed; undecided; vacillating; hesitating; wavering;

Determined EXAMPLES in Sentences

  • I am determined to complete the term paper today.
  • Are you determined to go there?
  • Jeff is determined to help his friend.
  • Jane is determined to get a job.
  • Tom is determined to find his friend.
  • I am determined to finish writing this article today.
  • Alex is a determined businessman.
  • The management is making determined efforts to resolve the issue.
  • Allen is determined to meet him.
  • You are very determined to complete this project on time.
  • Alice is so determined that none can stop her.
  • I loved your determined efforts.
  • Luis is determined to come here.
  • The government is making determined efforts to control the situation.
  • They were determined to come outside of the house on fire.
  • The child’s father was determined to save his child from drowning.
  • The team made determined efforts to win the match.
  • The team is determined to win the game.
  • You guys are so determined that none can defeat you.
  • I am determined to complete the project on time.
  • Your determined efforts will surely bring a great result.
  • The little girl was so determined to win the race.


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