Bona fide Meaning in Bengali - Bona fide এর বাংলা অর্থ

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Bengali Meaning of Bona fide

[বোউ-না-ফাইড্/ ˈboʊ·nəˌfɑɪd]


1. সত্যি বা আসল; খাঁটি; 2. সৎ বা আইনি;


কোনো প্রতারণার উদ্দেশ্য ছাড়া (আইন);



1. True or real; genuine; 2. Honest or legal;


Without any purpose to deceive (law);


Authentic; genuine; authoritative; legitimate; credible; card-carrying; good-faith; for real; official; natural; pure; original; rightful; real; true to life; straight; veritable; unquestionable; with good faith; legal; honest;


Fake; false; illegal; illegitimate; dishonest;

Bona fide EXAMPLES in Sentences

  • Don’t worry, this is a bona fide business.
  • Are you working for a bona fide company?
  • I am sorry to say that the company you are talking about is not bona fide.
  • Is this person bona fide?
  • This product of our company is bona fide.
  • All these commercial transactions are bona fide.
  • You must perform this business bona fide.
  • All the transactions must be executed bona fide.
  • Jim is a bona fide talent.
  • Is this product bona fide?
  • Richard is a bona fide singer.
  • Tom is a bona fide actor.
  • They have executed all the transactions bona fide.
  • You cannot claim that it is not bona fide without any evidence.
  • All the pieces of evidence proved that the business was bona fide.
  • Jefferson is a bona fide specialist.
  • Fredrick is undoubtedly a bona fide person.
  • All products of this company are bona fide.
  • Are you sure that this company is bona fide?
  • Are you confident that this person is bona fide?
  • Aric is doing a bona fide business.
  • All these pieces of evidence are bona fide.
  • These gold jewelry are bona fide.
  • These diamond jewelry are bona fide.
  • Are you sure that these diamonds are bona fide?
  • Are you sure that these gold jewelry are bona fide?
  • Jane is a bona fide choreographer.
  • Alex is a bona fide graphic designer.
  • Allen is a bona fide artist.


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