Anoint Vs Appoint: Meanings with Examples

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Anoint, the word is a verb.

Anoint, শব্দটি একটি verb।

Meaning as ‍a verb:

1. Making someone or something holy by putting holy oil or water on them during a religious ceremony to consecrate.

কোন ধর্মীয় অনুষ্ঠানে উৎসর্গ করার উদ্দেশ্যে কাউকে বা কোনকিছুকে পবিত্র তেল বা পানি ছিটিয়ে পবিত্র করা।


  • Everything was anointed during the religious ceremony.
  • The priest anointed him.
  • The old man went to the priest with the things which he brought to consecrate for anointing.

2. Making someone queen or king during a religious ceremony.

কোন ধর্মীয় অনুষ্ঠানে কাউকে রানী বা রাজা নিযুক্ত করা।


  • He was anointed King a long ago.
  • It was known to all that she would be anointed the queen.

3. Choosing someone for a position by an authorized person.

কাউকে কোন পদের জন্য কোন অনুমোদিত ব্যক্তি দ্বারা নিযুক্ত করা।


  • It was quite sure that the chairman will anoint him as the CEO.
  • As a successor, he will be anointed for this post.


Appoint, this word is also a verb.

Appoint, এই শব্দটিও verb।

Meaning as ‍a verb:

1. Selecting someone for a role or job.

কাউকে কোন চাকরী বা দায়িত্বের জন্য নির্বাচন করা।


  • The person is appointed as the manager of the company.
  • You are appointed as the advisor of the company.
  • The man has all the qualities to be appointed for this position.
  • The board has decided to appoint you as the Managing Director.

2. Selecting a date or time for a meeting or other event.

কোন সভা বা অন্য কোন অনুষ্ঠানের জন্য তারিখ বা সময় নির্ধারণ করা।


  • The company has appointed a date in March to arrange the meeting.
  • The Varsity has appointed a date in February to for a picnic.
  • This date has been already appointed by the company to arrange the ceremony.


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