Annex Vs Annexe: Meanings with Examples

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Annex, the word can be used as a verb.

Annex, শব্দটি verb হিসেবে ব্যবহৃত হতে পারে।

Meaning as ‍a verb:

1. Adding an extra part, particularly to a document.

কোন অতিরিক্ত অংশ যোগ করা বিশেষত: কোন দলিল বা লিখিত বক্তব্যে।


  • These papers were annexed to the final documents which were submitted to the Chairperson.
  • Are really sure that these papers were annexed to the proposal?
  • This portion of the book was annexed later.
  • This chapter of the textbook has been annexed recently.
  • The man was planning to annex these points to the written statement.

2. Forcefully taking possession of an area or a country.

জোরপূর্বক কোন এলাকা বা দেশ দখল করা।


  • That country was trying to annex this area for a long time.
  • The army was moving towards that country in an attempt to annex that particular area.
  • That portion of the land was annexed by India during Indo-Pak war.
  • The man is trying to annex that portion of the land.
  • His brother is really wicked who is plotting many tricks to annex the land.


Annexe, the word is a noun and actually it’s an American spelling. In British English, the spelling is “annex”.

Annexe, শব্দটি একটি noun এবং আসলে এই বানানটি আমেরিকান। ব্রিটিশ ইংরেজীতে বানানটি হল annex।

Meaning as ‍a noun:

The extension of a larger building or the main building.

একটি বড় বা প্রধান দালানের বর্ধিত অংশ।


  • The dining hall is situated in the annexe.
  • We were waiting in the annexe of the office.
  • We are planning to arrange a library in the annexe of the building.
  • The office is planning to build an annexe to the main building.
  • Interior designers are hired to plan a common room in the annexe.
  • We planned to live in the rooms situated in the annexe.
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