Accept Vs Except - Meanings with Examples

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Accept, the word is used as a verb.

Accept, শব্দটি verb হিসেবে ব্যবহৃত হয়।

Meaning as a verb:

1. To give consent to take something.

(কোনকিছু গ্রহণ করতে সম্মত হওয়া)


  • I accept your apology.
  • I have come to the bank to accept my debit card.
  • The actor’s friend will accept the award on his behalf. 

2. Agree to an invitation or offer.

(কোন নিমন্ত্রণে বা প্রস্তাবে রাজি হওয়া)


  • I got job offers from many real estate companies, but I did not accept.
  • I have accepted the invitation to a discussion followed by a cultural program and refreshment in my varsity.

3. To appreciate someone or something.

(কোনকিছু বা কাউকে সাদরে গ্রহণ করা)


  • The audience has already accepted her as a good singer.
  • Your article has been accepted by the newspaper to publish soon.

4. To trust/believe something.

(কোনকিছু বিশ্বাস করা)


  • I cannot accept the defeat of my team.
  • This cannot be accepted as a proof in the court.


Except, the word can be used as a preposition or as a conjunction or as a verb.

Except, শব্দটি preposition বা conjunction বা verb হিসেবে ব্যবহৃত হতে পারে।

Meaning as a preposition:

Other than or not including.

(ছাড়া বা অন্তর্ভুক্ত নয়)


  • We work every day except Friday.

Use as a conjunction:

Generally, used before a clause or statement which is different from the one above.

(সাধারণত: একটি বক্তব্য বা clause-এর আগে ব্যবহৃত হয় যা পূর্বের clauseটি থেকে ভিন্ন)


  • All were wearing brown shoes except mine was black.

Use as a verb:

It indicates someone or something excluded from a group or category.

এটি কোন দল বা প্রকারের থেকে কাউকে বা কোনকিছুকে বাদ দেয়া বোঝায়।


  • This topic is excepted from the course.
  • The man is excepted from this group.
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