Bloating Meaning in Bengali - Bloating এর বাংলা অর্থ

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Bengali Meaning of Bloating

[ব্লোউ-টিং/ ˈbloʊ.t̬ɪŋ]


গ্যাস বা তরল পদার্থ ধারনের কারণে পাকস্থলীর স্ফীত বা ফাঁপা অবস্থা;



A stomach’s swollen condition because of the retention of gas or fluid;

Derived Form/ Related Form

bloated, adj.


Bloat; swell; inflate; enlarge; puff up; expand; distend; dilate;


Contract; compress; abridge; shrink; lower; lessen; deflate; reduce; tighten; shriven;

Bloating EXAMPLES in Sentences

  • John suffered from bloating and indigestion.
  • He suffered from bloating and indigestion because of over-eating.
  • You should eat more foods that are rich in fiber to avoid bloating and gas.
  • Constipation may cause pain and bloating.
  • Sometimes taking bread in excess may cause bloating because it contains yeast.
  • Taking this pill may cause bloating.
  • Taking too much spicy and oily food can cause bloating.
  • Bloating and indigestion are side effects of this medicine.
  • Jack was feeling uneasy because of bloating.
  • You should follow the diet chart prescribed by your dietician to avoid this problem of bloating.
  • She complained of weight gain and bloating after taking this pill.
  • Are you suffering from bloating and indigestion?
  • If you take balanced diets in your meals and have your meals timely, you won’t suffer from bloating.
  • Jim doesn’t have his meals timely because of his busy schedule and takes too many rich foods; so, he is now suffering from bloating.
  • Taking too much junk food may cause bloating.
  • Nowadays you are taking too much junk food and so, you are suffering from bloating.
  • Do you have abdominal bloating?
  • You should be careful about your food habits to avoid this problem of bloating.
  • Nowadays most people are suffering from bloating because of improper food habits.
  • We should maintain a proper food habit to get rid of bloating.
  • The problem of bloating is increasing with the increasing number of fast-food shops and restaurants.
  • We should increase dietary fiber in our meals to avoid bloating. 
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